Vice President, Development & Communications – TEAM RUBICON

Reporting to the CEO and managing a team of 8+ staff, this is an exciting opportunity to shape and implement a comprehensive fundraising strategy in a high-growth, mission-driven organization. The new Vice President will be a systems thinker who will lead the implementation of strategic infrastructure and resources in support of operational excellence and prepare our fundraising program for greater diversification. The Vice President will also leverage their acumen in Public Relations & Communications to build a calendar of initiatives that will support greater awareness and engagement with donors, partners, other supporters, and the general public.

A motivational leader and coach, the new Vice President will lead a committed team of staff and volunteers to embrace innovation and work collaboratively to surpass $5M in annual revenue.  Future plans for expansion of the team will allow the Vice President to use their excellent assessment and planning skills to identify and implement the resources required to take Team Rubicon Canada to its next level of growth.

While Team Rubicon Canada is a veteran-led organization, we welcome all qualified candidates who are passionate about our mission and willing to roll up their sleeves to help drive our ambitious plans for growth. The new Vice President will be located in the Greater Toronto Area, Calgary, or Vancouver.  Team Rubicon Canada supports flexible work from home and remote options. Candidates must be willing to travel frequently to the head office in Mississauga, Ontario, as well as nationally and occasionally internationally.

Salary Range:  $115,000 – $145,000

Posted On:  January 4, 2024

Closing On:  January 30, 2024

Location:  GTA, Calgary or Vancouver

Employment Type:  Full Time

Level:  Management

Salary Range:  $115,000 – $145,000



Team Rubicon Canada is seeking a Vice President, Development & Communications to drive revenue generation and build brand profile in support of our highly compelling mission as a humanitarian organization.

On May 1st, 2016, a wildfire began southwest of Fort McMurray, Alberta. Within days, the fire would sweep through the city, destroy more than 2,400 homes, and displace more than 80,000 residents.

The wildfire, which would come to be known as ‘the beast’, would eventually grow to nearly 1.5 million acres and cross into neighbouring Saskatchewan.

Having established a strong and well-known desire to create a Team Rubicon in Canada, a small team of Canadian veterans set to work with their teammates at Team Rubicon USA to assess how to best support the residents impacted by the Fort McMurray wildfire.

Working with local and provincial authorities, Team Rubicon Canada joined with Team Rubicon USA to launch its first official operation: operation pay dirt.

On May 26, 2016, volunteers from the USA, Canada – and eventually the UK and Australia – arrived in Fort McMurray and set to work. Operating as a multinational team sharing common skills honed in the military and as first responders, Team Rubicon’s 80 volunteers would train an additional 300 locals to assist over 900 homeowners to sift through their properties to recover their valuables.

Later in 2016, with this groundswell of support, Team Rubicon Canada was born. Canadian veterans, first responders, emergency management personnel and kick-ass civilians have shown they are more than ready to volunteer their skills in support of calls for assistance at home and abroad!

Mission Statement

Team Rubicon is a veteran-led humanitarian organization that serves communities before, during, and after disasters and crises.

By pairing the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders, medical professionals, and technology solutions, Team Rubicon aims to provide the greatest service and impact possible.

Through continued service, and part of its dual-impact mission, Team Rubicon seeks to provide veterans with three things they lose after leaving the military: a purpose, gained through humanitarian work; community, built by serving within a familiar, and inspiring; and identity, from recognizing the impact one individual can make. Coupled with leadership development and other opportunities, Team Rubicon looks to help veterans transition from military to civilian life.


A world resilient to disasters, where veterans drive community strength, preparedness, and rapid recovery.

Serving the Underserved

Across the world, disasters are a part of life. No corner of the globe is spared from severe weather – be it crippling winter storms, catastrophic hurricanes, or unchecked wildfires.

By focusing on underserved or economically-challenged communities, Team Rubicon seeks to make the largest impact possible. Disasters represent a massive financial cost, and by providing immediate relief work, free of cost, TR aims to help communities begin recovery sooner.

What’s with the Logo?

The Team Rubicon Canada logo consists primarily of a cross turned on its side with a river flowing through it. The cross represents the traditional symbol of medical aid. It is on its side because Team Rubicon represents such a departure from the current paradigm in disaster response. The river flowing through the cross represents the Rubicon River and marks Team Rubicon Canada’s commitment to reinventing disaster relief.

Development at Team Rubicon Canada

Team Rubicon Canada has experienced 40% year over year growth since it’s inception in 2018, and is focused on plans and investments in fundraising to continue this growth, including:


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Strategy, Leadership & Operations





KCI Search + Talent has been retained to conduct this search on behalf of Team Rubicon.

For more information about this opportunity, please contact Samantha David or Ingrid Cowan at KCI Search + Talent via email at .

Interested candidates are invited to send a resume and letter of interest to the email address listed above by January 30, 2024. All inquiries and applications will be held in strict confidence.

The salary range for this role is $115,000 to $145,000 with a hiring limit of $135,000, plus a discretionary bonus of up to 10%. A full suite of benefits and an RRSP match is also provided.

At Team Rubicon, we believe in maintaining a diverse workplace – inclusive of beliefs, cultural backgrounds, job experiences, thoughts, and ideas. If who we are and what we do resonates with you, we invite you to join our fast-growing, high-performing team.

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