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The Baycrest Foundation is seeking an accomplished fundraising leader in the position of Chief Campaign Officer (CCO) to lead the organization through the planning and execution of its upcoming transformational research campaign. Reporting to the President & CEO and as a member of the Foundation’s high-performing, collaborative, and integrated senior leadership team, the successful candidate will be a proven major gift fundraiser responsible for leading the overall campaign planning including feasibility study, building a campaign cabinet, prospect strategy, campaign mechanics, volunteer engagement, revenue generation, and budgeting.

A gifted relationship manager, the CCO will build on a solid base of major gift fundraising and strong community relationships accountable for a discrete portfolio of donors including loyal supporters and establishing new relationships. The CCO will engage the expertise of others, both internal and external, providing support, coaching, and inspiration for senior volunteer leaders and campaign cabinet members recruiting and managing a campaign staff team and mobilizing appropriate resources.

Salary Range:  $200,000 – $250,000

Posted On:  March 12, 2024

Closing On:  April 5, 2024

Location:  Toronto, Ontario

Employment Type:  Full Time

Level:  Management

Salary Range:  $200,000 – $250,000


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Supported by a marketing campaign, a strong case for giving currently under development, and working with an influential and engaged volunteer network, this is a rare opportunity to share the story and impact of how Baycrest has evolved from a small old folks home, born out of the Jewish Community to become a 21st-century leader in the field of brain health, dementia, and aging.


Every 3 seconds, someone in the world is diagnosed with dementia, a tragic condition in which people progressively lose their cognitive abilities, become increasingly dependent on others, and suffer a significantly diminished quality of life.

The first baby boomers are in their mid-70s now. For the first time in Canadian history, there are more people aged 65+ than under age 15.

Longevity is a gift. Yet, as the world’s aged population increases, so too does the prevalence of dementia.

Baycrest is at the epicentre of Canada’s efforts to address dementia. Its unrivalled integration of care, education, research, and innovation come together to create a unique entity that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Our comprehensive array of programs in prevention, early detection, treatment and care are informed by physicians, researchers, people living with dementia, and their caregivers.



Founded in 1918, Baycrest is considered one of the world’s top academic health sciences centres in aging and brain health. Baycrest has developed world-class expertise across the continuum of senior living, geriatric healthcare, research, innovation, and education. Its vision is to create a world where every older adult enjoys a life of purpose, inspiration, and fulfillment.

Fully affiliated with the University of Toronto, Baycrest provides excellent care for older adults combined with an extensive clinical training program for the next generation of healthcare professionals. Through these initiatives, Baycrest has remained at the forefront of the fight to defeat dementia.

Baycrest continues to embrace the long-standing tradition of all great Jewish healthcare institutions to improve the well-being of people in their local communities and around the globe.



Innovation and curiosity are part of our DNA at Baycrest. Baycrest is home to a robust research and innovation network, including:

The Rotman Research Institute

One of the world’s top research institutes in cognitive neuroscience, the Rotman Research Institute of the Baycrest Academy is advancing our knowledge of the aging brain. Our foundational science research programs focus on perception, cognition, and brain function.  Scientists are unlocking the mysteries of the aging brain to help defeat dementia.

 The Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration in Aging (CCNA)

Baycrest hosts the scientific headquarters of Canada’s largest national dementia research initiative.  Founded in 2014, CCNA brings together over 300 researchers from across the country to work towards improving the prevention, treatment and quality of life among people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, and the quality of life of their caregivers.

The Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation (CABHI), powered by Baycrest

Spearheaded by Baycrest, CABHI was established in 2015 as the result of the largest investment in brain health and aging in Canadian history. The centre is a unique collaboration of health care, science, industry, not-for-profit and government partners whose aim is to help improve the quality of life for the world’s aging population, allowing older adults to age safely in the setting of their choice while maintaining their cognitive, emotional, and physical well-being.

Our campus setting facilitates collaboration among scientists, clinicians, educators, students, older adults, their families and volunteers who are discovering new ways to improve brain health and help older adults.



Baycrest is one of the world’s pre-eminent distributors of knowledge on best practices in care for older adults. As we work to defeat dementia, we are also educating the next generation of healthcare providers, locally and globally, and creating innovative, technology-based virtual education in response to the evolving needs of our learners.

Fully affiliated with the University of Toronto (U of T), Baycrest has an extensive clinical training program in geriatric care. We have trained thousands of students and practitioners from over 50 universities and colleges to deliver high-quality care alongside leading experts who are focused on the diseases of aging and the care of older adults.

Each year we provide students with practical on-site training in almost every healthcare discipline. More than 180 of our staff hold academic appointments at the University of Toronto and/or other partner universities, colleges and institutes in Faculties of Medicine, Nursing, Social Work and Rehabilitation Sciences, among others.

Baycrest hosts a number of provincial, national and international educational programs each year and we are a hub for global tele-education in aging, collaborating with institutions around the world. We provide educational programs for staff, clients, families, and caregivers as well as the general public.


Baycrest provides a variety of outpatient clinics and services for older adults with different health needs including cognitive impairment, mood and anxiety issues, and complex conditions associated with aging (mobility problems and falls, bowel or bladder difficulties, poor nutrition multiple illnesses and medications).

Our healthcare professionals are experts in geriatric care and use a holistic and client-centered approach. Offering a range of on-site clinic services and community and in-home programs we are helping patients and their families improve their well-being and live independently.


The Foundation’s mission is to enrich the quality of life of older adults by providing crucial funding to support Baycrest’s work in research, innovation, care and education in brain health and aging. As the fundraising arm of Baycrest, the Foundation helps fund breakthrough research into aging brain health, cognition, Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia; clinical programs and services for older adults living in our community; and education that supports healthy aging and healthcare solutions for a growing aging population.


The Baycrest Foundation is at the early stage of planning a multi-year research campaign for Baycrest Academy, focusing on Predictive Neuroscience for Precision Aging and Brain Health, and its four scientific pillars:

In Canada alone, over 600,000 people live with Alzheimer’s and related dementias – nearly 10% of the population 65 or older. Worldwide, over 50 million people live with dementia. Without significant new scientific breakthroughs, that number is expected to triple in the next 25 years.

There are currently no medications that stop it.

In early stages of the disease, people with dementia often live in the community, with the support of millions of informal caregivers – family members, friends, and neighbors. As the disease progresses, individuals with dementia require round-the-clock assistance and care. The stress and strain on those individuals, on their families and loved ones, on caregiving professionals, and on our health care systems is immeasurable and growing every day.

The need for a new approach to defeat dementia is urgent. And that time is now.

Decades of research have failed to find effective drug treatments. Some recently introduced drugs, such as lecanemab and donanemab, may hold promise for very modestly slowing the inevitable worsening of Alzheimer’s disease, but only if provided early enough.

We need innovative approaches to identify novel therapeutic targets and develop disease-modifying treatments.  Equally important, if not more so, is an entirely different focus on disease prevention and new methods for the earliest possible detection.

It is clear that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to dementia.

The risk of being diagnosed with dementia, and the speed of disease progression, involves a complex interplay of aging-related brain changes, genetics, environment, health status, and lifestyle factors.  As a result, we must adopt a multifaceted, personalized approach to defeating dementia at every stage: from prevention and early detection to better treatments and care approaches.

Baycrest Academy’s Rotman Research Institute is well-poised to advance a new era of scientific inquiry and discovery by pioneering the fusion of predictive and precision medicine with neuroscience and dementia. In the coming decade, the RRI will focus its research portfolio on advancing the theme of Predictive Neuroscience for Precision Aging and Brain Health.

To fully achieve the vision and its impact, sustained investments in our research capacity, infrastructure, and operations are essential.


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KCI Search + Talent has been retained to conduct this search on behalf of Baycrest Foundation. For more information about this exciting opportunity, contact Ellie Rusonik, Senior Vice President/Lead, KCI Search + Talent by email at

All inquiries and applications will be held in strict confidence. To apply, please send a resume and letter of interest to the email address listed above by April 5, 2024.

To view the full Position Brief, please visit:

The salary range for this position is $200,000 – $250,000 with eligibility in performance-based compensation, a full range of benefits, including a defined benefit pension through HOOPP, and a flexible, hybrid work policy.

 Baycrest is committed to providing accessible employment practices that are in compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (‘AODA’). If you require accommodation for disability during any stage of the recruitment process, please notify KCI.

 All successful candidates will be required to complete a police reference check/vulnerable sector screen and submit proof of two doses of vaccination against COVID-19, unless exempt. Such exemptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.