Professional Development

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Get certified.
Accelerate your career.

For more information on any of these development opportunities, please contact Sylvie Rubbini, Chapter Administrator.

CFRE Certification

The CFRE (Certified Fundraising Executive) designation is internationally recognized and shows you have the knowledge, experience, drive, commitment and ethical standards to excel at the highest levels of the fundraising profession.

Advantages of Achieving Your CFRE

  • Third party validation of your knowledge, skills and practice
  • Enhanced career opportunities – employers love a CFRE!
  • Stronger earning potential (in Canada CFREs earn about $25K more on average than their peers according to AFP’s 2019 Compensation and Benefits Report)

Certification Process

Certification is handled by CFRE International.  To become certified you must:

  1. Complete an online application.
  2. Write your CFRE exam.
  3. Recertify every three years via online application.
The best place to start is to create your online application account.  This gives you access to the detailed requirements (candidates must achieve points across the categories of education, professional practice, and professional performance) and gives you a place to track your progress.
Opening your account does not commit you to certifying – so you have nothing to lose!
Deadlines, exam dates and fees for initial applications.