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Fall Is In The Air

Hello fellow AFP Members,
Thank you for your participation this past year in the Association of Fundraising Professionals. Your membership is truly appreciated and together we have a lot to celebrate and be proud of at our Golden Horseshoe Chapter. 

2014 AFP Golden Horseshoe Member Survey

We hope that your new year has got off to a great start and that you were able to take advantage of the many benefits associated with being a member of the AFP Golden Horseshoe Chapter in 2014. 

We would love to hear about your thoughts and experiences pertaining to your membership in AFP Golden Horseshoe, so please take some time to complete the survey (CLICK HERE).

How do your donors experience you?

I went with my family this weekend to see the Shriners Circus in Oakville. While, you may or may not agree with the circus concept, there are many things charities can learn from the circus about promotion and how to treat their customers.

Your new AFP website

We had a dream.

The dream was to create an AFP chapter web site that not only had a unique and personable voice, but more importantly, a web site that would meet the needs of its members and community.