Volunteer Corner: Colt Long

A profile of one of the Golden Horseshoes most valuable assets, our volunteers.

Name: Colt Long, CFRE

Volunteer Position: I sit on AFP Golden Horseshoe’s Membership Committee. The Committees’ mandate is to introduce fundraising professionals and non-profit organizations to the countless benefits of becoming an AFP Member, and encouraging them to join. AFP has greatly benefited me, so I’m pleased to be able to pay it forward, and explain to people how it can benefit them.

Why do you volunteer? I have volunteered most of my life. It has been ingrained in me since my childhood that when one has the ability to help some in need, you do. Having been the recipient of benevolence as a child, into my teen years, and through college, I have seen the positive impact it can have. Therefore, I am always willing to help out when I can.

Who else do you volunteer for? I volunteer with The Salvation Army, my local Lion’s Club, mental health and children’s charities, and am looking at other volunteer opportunities in the future.

What’s the most rewarding thing about being a volunteer? Being able to give back any way I can to the organizations and people who provide immeasurable community service is the greatest reward for me.

What’s your real job? I am the Senior Development Officer, Annual Campaign with the Mohawk College Foundation. I oversee the Student Awards, Annual Giving, and Planned Giving Programs at the College.

What would make this chapter better? Having more fundraiser’s joining our Chapter, and our members continually, collectively sharing our expertise so that we can all improve as fundraisers, and better represent the organizations we serve.

Quote: True happiness is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose – Helen Keller


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