Membership Has Its Privileges

Being an AFP Golden Horseshoe member has its privileges. It offers you many opportunities to connect, engage, and grow within the profession. It also offers a wealth of information on a “members only” resource centre that you can find on

The AFP Resource Center features a comprehensive "Hot Topic" section of key fundraising areas that members have identified as being most in demand. Recently added to the site are two of the biggest issues in fundraising today: industry benchmarking and diversity.

How does my organization compare with others is one of the most frequently asked questions submitted to the resource centre at AFP. They’ve tackled this topic with data that benchmarks the cost to raise a dollar, the cost to keep a donor, and the cost to manage a fundraising program. Although in many cases there are no standard answers, AFP does link you to numerous studies and surveys that present data from a wide range of types and sizes of organizations.

Also new to the Hot Topics section is a category about diversity and inclusion. This Hot Topic provides information on how to promote diversity in the nonprofit governance structure and in the fundraising profession and also suggests additional resources related to diversity and inclusion.

Take advantage of all the great benefits your AFP Golden Horseshoe membership has to offer. Explore the AFP International website and access these hot topics and many more by clicking here

Remember to have your usernameand password handy because you will be asked to provide it in the login fied at the top of the home page.

No matter your role or years of experience, it is always good to hear what other fundraisers are doing and their approaches to challenges we all face.

Once you’ve checked out the section, if you think a new "Hot Topic" page is needed just let them know. 


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