Building Your Peer Network

Fundraising is all about relationships – relationships with donors, volunteers, and colleagues. But, building relationships with industry peers can be equally as important although many of us don’t devote nearly enough time in networking.
There are countless reasons to build a peer to peer network and plenty of opportunities to do so.
When peers with similar challenges and goals come together it gives you the opportunity to tap into the collective knowledge of other fundraising professionals. Your connections can be worth their weight in gold in helping you find a trusted vendor, float new ideas or tackle a thorny issue. 
Whether you work for a large organization or a small one, fundraisers often work in isolation. Connecting with industry peers can help give you a fresh perspective on the way you work and keep you engaged. 
Building a peer network doesn’t have to be arduous. AFP Golden Horseshoe regularly hosts meet-ups, evenings for fundraising professionals to gather and share information. There’s one scheduled on November 4 in Waterloo.
You can even network from the comfort of your office through online discussion forums, tweet-ups, or even just picking up the phone and introducing yourself to someone new.
Building peer networks can be personally and professionally rewarding.  Sharing, learning, and collaborating with peers will benefit you, your team, and your charitable organization. 

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