AFP Volunteer Corner: Tara Lepp

Name: Tara Lepp

Volunteer Position: I helped Maryann Kerr, Chair of the 2012 Philanthropy Awards to ensure the AFP Golden Horseshoe Chapter’s Philanthropy Awards ran smoothly. I am the go-to person for questions about past award luncheons as this is my fourth one! I communicate with award recipients to ensure we have what we need and they have what they need, have handled registration and aided with sponsorship requests, ensuring sponsors receive the benefits we promised them, oversee the design of the invitation and program for the luncheon. Have also normally been responsible for overseeing the eblasts for the philanthropy awards, particularly on registration.

I handle the table sales including table sponsorship and liaising with organizations and companies to receive their guest list. I aid all members of the committee with their duties, helping to put together the seating plan with Jackie Fox, proofing copy for our media releases that Jan Graves puts together. Essentially I do whatever I can to help the committee and our Chapter to have the most successful Philanthropy Awards Luncheon ever. I also served on the Education Committee for the luncheons for two years. 

Why do you volunteer: I volunteer because I love working with the other volunteers on the committee and being a part of this fabulous celebration of philanthropy in our region. I enjoy working on an event which is outside of my day-to-day responsibilities at my job. 

Who else do you volunteer for? I am a Sparks leader for the Girl Guides in Waterdown. I’m just finishing my second year as a leader for my youngest daughter who just joined last year. Also, I volunteer for various events like this year’s Tea for Two in support of the CIBC Breast Assessment Centre.

What’s the most rewarding thing about being a volunteer? As a Sparks leader I love to see the girls having fun and trying out new things. It’s also cool to see how much they’ve grown and changed over the year. I hope that I am helping in some small way to encourage them to be great women one day.
As a volunteer for the AFP Golden Horseshoe Chapter, I find it rewarding to see all of our combined efforts come together on the day to make it an enjoyable experience for award recipients and attendees.

What’s your real job? I’m the Development Officer, Annual Giving at Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation. I manage all of the annual giving programs including our direct mail, tribute giving, staff tribute program, employee campaign and our recently launched staff lottery.

What would make this chapter better? I think our Chapter could benefit from having more casual social functions. At the moment there are four educational luncheons, the Philanthropy Awards luncheon and some Webinars throughout the year. We could invite Members and non-Members to meet up at a determined location for coffee and/or drinks to meet other like-minded professionals.

We could have a speed mentoring or speed networking event where everyone circulates, introduces themselves, talks a bit about what they do or what they’re up to, what their challenges are and what they are hoping to gain from meeting other people in our Chapter. This could be added on to an existing luncheon. 

Quote, Unquote: “You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.”- Winston Churchill



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