Mentorship Program

Definition of a Mentor

According to the Miriam-Webster online dictionary, the traditional definition of a mentor is:

“men•tor noun \ˈmen-ˌtȯr, -tər\ : someone who teaches or gives help and advice to a less experienced and often younger person”

This is only a part of our definition! 

It is our belief that mentorship should not be limited to more experienced or older professionals assisting younger or less experienced professionals. While this may be one element of the program, we believe mentorship can also be an exchange of information between professionals. Some examples include:

  1. A long term professional with limited experience in social media may seek out a fairly new professional with much more experience with social media.
  2. Two individuals with similar years of work experience may work in completely different sectors (healthcare, arts, environmental, etc.); however, one may wish to cross over into a different industry and gain further knowledge.


AFP's Mentorship Program* operates from AFP International.

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*All participants must be current members of AFP. The Golden Horseshoe Chapter does not currently have a local mentoring program.