Resilience in a World of Uncertainty


AFP Golden Horseshoe wants to take you to the movies.

We want you to be inspired, and to share that inspiration with your fundraising colleagues. 

Together, we can remind each other of the possibilities for our causes, our careers and ourselves.


Please join us for this unique experience, crafted specifically
for our fundraising community:


Resilience in a World of Uncertainty
November 3rd, 1 pm – 2 pm


This virtual session will use a wonderful film featuring
National Geographic photographer DeWitt Jones. The film runs for
25 minutes and the last 35 minutes will be for small group discussion,
moving to a full group discussion and closing remarks.


Our session presenter is Maryann Kerr, Chief Happiness Officer/CEO
and principal consultant with the Medalist Group.


Free to AFP GH Members    $15 for Non-Members


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About the film:
Celebrate What's Right with the World uses stunning photography and powerful dialogue to inspire viewers to approach their lives with celebration, confidence, and grace. Celebrating what's right helps us to recognize the possibilities and find solutions for many of the challenges before us. 

About the session:
This session will provide practical guidelines and teach what a powerful force having a vision of possibilities can be. When we believe in those possibilities, we connect with the vision that gives us the courage to soar.

About the discussion:
The post film discussion will explore the topics of gratitude, perspective, reframing and innovation. The participants will consider how they can change their own “lenses” to embrace a robust and resilient stance in the face of uncertainty and change.

This is such a unique opportunity to shake off this past year, remind ourselves of the amazing world around us, and of the role we play in reshaping our collective future. 


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Meet our presenter:

Maryann Kerr is Chief Happiness Officer/CEO and principal consultant with the Medalist Group. Maryann has worked in the social profit sector for 34 years and helped raise over $110M. Maryann knows that successful organizations create and nurture a climate where everyone understands their role; politics are minimal; engagement is high and turnover low. Environments where employees co-create the road-map to mission delivery. Compassion, kindness, a commitment to the profession and deep respect for staff are at the core of her work. Maryann brings a loving and critical lens to the sector in an effort to facilitate difficult discussions to affect change.