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Donor-Centred the breakthrough strategy that enhances donor loyalty and inspires more generous gifts. Based on years of research and testing with hundreds of charities and donors, Donor-Centred Fundraising is the only statistically-supported fundraising philosophy that brings donors and charities together to achieve measurable, long-term results. 

Today's fundraising practices and beliefs were developed in a time when donors were less demanding, competition was less severe, and fundraisers could rely on an unlimited supply of people who were willing to give. But now wealth is shifting to a new kind of donor who is more questioning and harder to reach, the number of organizations raising money has exploded, and donors are trending towards supporing fewer causes.

Join Penelope Burk explores "Donor-Centred Fundraising Twenty Years Later" ... How to hold on to donors in a rapidly changing world



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Penelope Burk

Author, Trainer, Presenter and President of Cygnus Applied Research Inc.

June 14, 2003 was the day that Penelope Burk's first and now famous book, Donor-Centred Fundraising was published.  That is also the day when fundraising in this country started to change.

Penelope Burk understands donors and what they want more deeply than just about anyone in the business. In the last  fifteen years, she and her innovative firm, Cygnus Applied Research, Inc., have conducted surveys and research  studies with more than a quarter million donors. She has reached back into their lives to find out about the first time they  gave, what motivates their philanthropy now, what their greatest and most frustrating experiences in giving are, and  what their dreams are for their philanthropic future.